There are two ways to “adopt” a horse at Second Chance Ranch. The Co-Op program allows the horse to live at Second Chance Ranch, while you volunteer your time and provide a financial stipend each month toward the care of the horse.  The Personal Adoption program brings the horse home to your own farm, to live and be cared for by you.

Co-Op Program

Second Chance Ranch offers a Co-Op Program for individuals who wish to adopt a blind horse at Second Chance Ranch. The requirements are:

  • $100 per month, and
  • a minimum of 12 hours volunteer time per month
  • the horses are kept at Second Chance Ranch
  • We have specified times of the  week where supervised riding, training, and horse care are taught*

*We will determine which horse best fits your riding ability and begin there. For the rider that is just beginning, if you choose, we can move you on to an advanced horse as the individual becomes more experienced.

Please open and fill out the Co-Op Application.  Please email any questions you may have regarding our Co-Op Program to Dr. Emilie Storch.  You can submit application via email or mail it to:

Second Chance Ranch
Attn: Co-Op Program
570 Lowe Rd
Madison, NC 27025

Personal Adoption Program

Second Chance Ranch also offers a Personal Adoption Program for individuals who wish to adopt one of our blind horses to live at their personal farm. If you are interested in the Personal Adoption Program, please contact Dr. Emilie Storch for details.